Announcing the Debut of Poe-Land: The Hallowed Haunts of Edgar Allan Poe
For this book, I visited some 90 sites related to Poe and interviewed dozens of people who have maintained his physical legacy in some way. Come to Poe-Land with me as I:

Climb to the top of a 170-year-old church bell tower to look for Poe’s inspiration for his poem The Bells
Enter the dark, uncomfortable depths of a strip club looking for site of the newspaper building that launched his career in literary magazines
Track down and hold in my stupid, stupid hand such relics as his hair, pieces of his original coffin, his engagement ring, and other astounding artifacts
Descend into the cellar that gave him the idea for interring people (and cats) in walls
Dive into the largest collection of Poe pop culture memorabilia in the world
Tip-toe into the most valuable collection of original Poe materials in the world
Cross the Atlantic to trace down the five years he spent as a child in London
Chronicle the creation of the brand new Poe statue in Boston, one of the boldest designs ever conceived for an author
Explore the catacombs in the graveyard where he is buried
Step foot into his college dorm room, his honeymoon suite, and the last house in which he ever lived
Hang out with enough Poe performers that to this day I’m tempted to cultivate a mustache myself…
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